The Sun is Shining!

(So many of you are sick now – or your loved one is sick. I was very sick three years ago, pre-COVID, but with most of the symptoms. Hopefully this short piece I wrote at that time will be a blessing and encouragement to you now.)

The sun is shining. I saw it heading south, as we crossed the Georgia/Florida line, a few days before Christmas  . . .

and it was shining brightly when we stopped at the Welcome Center . . .

but as the symptoms worsened, and the days of sickness turned into weeks of sickness, the sunshine outside seemed to be in a different world – not in mine. I missed it. I wanted it.

Has this happened to you? Perhaps it isn’t sickness. It might be defeat, loss, discouragement. Are your plans suddenly darkened? Do you have to fight to get the sunshine back?

It’s hard to fight when you’re weak, isn’t it? In that weakness – that lack of sunshine – the enemy, thriving in the darkness, just seems to flourish. He fills your mind with fears and gloom. He zaps you until you wonder if you have any fight left in you.

It’s in those times that we have to turn that fight over to our defender, our leader, our Lord.  We have to let ourselves dwell in that secret place – that shelter of the Most High. We need to rest in the Almighty’s shadow, let Him be our refuge. 

As I strove to have faith in His promises of healing, I knew I needed  to “hear” the Word. So I listened. I went to sleep, listening to Healing Scriptures (Link); to excerpts from messages teaching the Word of God. I heard the Word as I spoke it in prayer,  There is no greater prayer. He wrote it.

Through those days – those weeks – a passage of the Word “stood out” to me. I heard it over and over: “Put on the armor of God, Kathi.”

I meditated upon those pieces of armor:

The Belt of Truth

The Breastplate of Righteousness

Feet Fitted with Readiness for Peace

The Shield of Faith

The Helmet of Salvation

The Sword of the Spirit

Prayer in the Spirit 

 I needed to put on the armor. I was reminded that I have a leader. He goes before me. He goes behind me. He hems me in.  I’m just a soldier in this battle. The battle is His, and I am so glad. He is fighting for me.

The battle went on for quite some time. Long weeks. Several doctor visits. But one day, I discovered something amazing here in Florida: the sun was shining!

Don’t give up the battle, friend. Strengthen yourself with the Word. Let Him fight the battle for you. Soon you’ll see: the sun is shining!

 Click here to listen to hear the healing Scriptures I listened to.

Further Reading:

Psalm 91:1,2

 Romans 10:17

Proverbs 18:21

 Ephesians 6:17,18

Psalm 139:5