It’s the Third Reason

The call came.
‘Seriously? Me? Now?
The prayer began. Asking the Lord. Should I? Show me.
He did.

So the work begins – just days before school starts. It may be a brief stint, but I pray it’s a potent one.

The work starts with the room. It’s been a thing with me since my first day of teaching so many years ago. Part of myself. The room must be ready before I begin the lesson plans. Kaylee spends a day helping – really helping! Little do we realize that her schedule will change a few days later and she will actually be a student in one of my classes! How many people get to teach their granddaughter about Literature? It’s just the first of many blessings.

The room takes on a Coffee theme, filled with puns. It’s my room for this time, and I’m loving it more than any other right now.

Alone while I work, I pray over this empty room – day after day. Praise music fills this space that will soon be filled with noise and commotion and whispering and laughing and reading and writing and questions and answers and ~
~ soon it is! The long days and short evenings begin.
I meet happy kids and I meet sad kids. I see kids hiding the pain of broken lives. My Mama heart aches. My Nana heart aches. I try to patch the brokenness with a touch on the arm, a card sent in the mail, a compassionate voice, a caring word.
Ray Bradbury is introduced. I’m hoping connections and insights are discovered. I see kids learning.
The last bell rings but I stay. For hours.
I leave exhausted but filled ~ “Filled to the brim!” ~ yet another coffee pun. Yes, my heart is full. I never question why I’m doing this.
One thing I know. I love teaching.
Make that two. I love the English Language.
Make that three. I love those kids. I love each one God has put in front of me for this short time: the girl with barn-red painted hair and spider web stockings; the boy with his head hung down and sad face; the big kid with a big smile and the small one who can’t sit still; the dark one and the light one; the bushy-haired one and the bald one; the one who is angry I changed her seat and the one who sits in the front and follows every direction.
Yes, the third reason is the strongest and the reason I’m tired every evening and throughout each weekend. It’s the reason I’m loving teaching high school again, and it’s the reason I’m loving teaching English again. It’s because I love those kids. Yes, I do.

8 Replies to “It’s the Third Reason”

  1. Can I come and join your class? 🙂 I envy those kids! I will be praying for you. ❤️ In Christ Jesus, mary Horton

    1. Thank you! The plan is to teach no longer than first semester which ends at Christmas. We plan to spend winter in Florida again. Were unable to go last year because of family illness, so especially looking forward to it!

  2. As a mom to two teachers I know that it takes a special person to be a teacher . So here is a thank you to you .

  3. Adorable room theme for you and the perfect, insightful, loving teacher for those, who especially, need you. 💖
    Have a wonderfully rewarding adventure! 🥰

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