Her Potholders (Part 1 of “My Mother” the Proverbs 31 Noble Woman)










Mother’s Day causes me to remember my Proverbs 31 mother.


Today, I’m remembering her “gifts” (or lack thereof) of weaving and sewing fabric!


“she selects wool and flax . . . In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers . . . She makes coverings for her bed . . . she makes linen garments . . . ” (from Proverbs 31)



1956 PB


Mom had a sewing machine —  a Singer, set in a darling little blonde cabinet. 


1957 BH


The Singer was an integral part of our home, holding various places through the years. It sat in the front parlor, in the living room, or in the landing at the top of the stairway.


Whichever location, there it sat!


Mom seldom opened the Singer!


She rarely sewed!


All in all, the Singer generated one resulting product: potholders!


The fabrics varied. Potholders made out of worn chenille bedspreads, old curtains, or tattered towels. The stitched designs were more limited: X’s, O’s, or a combination of both.


Mom’s limited sewing talents were the brunt of teasing throughout the years! She smiled and received the ribbings with a chuckle. And in the end, my sister, Becky, and I both inherited her sewing talents and a few tattered potholders! 

Meanwhile, her homemade potholders filled the drawers closest to her stove. They became burnt at the edges and dabbled with smidgeons of escalloped potatoes or the broth of pot roast, or an occasional pot of chili – which brings me to my next point:


Although Mom did not share the sewing talents of the Proverbs 31 wife, she embodied the traits of the noble woman. (Read more in tomorrow’s posting.)