So I ask them, “Daddy. Mama. . .”

I’ve been missing them more lately – my daddy and mama. I’ve been wanting to talk to them. Perhaps it’s following the holidays. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been in their house quite often, sorting, cleaning, and getting it ready for new life!

But I think the true reason I’ve been missing them so much is that I’ve been imagining them holding our newest grandson, little Baby Luke. He’s the first grandbaby born since Daddy and Mama passed away and the only grandbaby they hadn’t yet held, so I picture them holding little Luke.

I see them snuggling him. I see the love in their eyes and hear it in their voices. “Oh, Kristen,” they’d say. “He’s just perfect. Why, Josh, he looks just like you!” Tears of joy fill their eyes as they absorb him.

And as I picture this, I speak to them. I don’t know if they can hear me or not. But I know they’re in heaven with the Lord, so I ask them, ” Daddy. Mama. Go to the Lord Jesus. Kneel before Him. Ask Him to heal Luke. Or just touch the hem of His garment and Luke will be healed.”

But I’m somewhat ashamed before the Lord. Speaking to my daddy and mama sounds so much like a prayer to them, and that just can’t be. I want to be reverent. So I confess and wonder again if Daddy and Mama can hear my request.

Then I am suddenly filled with joy. I remember that Daddy and Mama have already gone to the Lord Jesus – many times – in behalf of our little Luke and in behalf of each of our little grandbabies.  As I near the house, I hear their prayers, their tender voices crying out to the Lord for us – their family. I stand on the front porch and look through the kitchen window, gazing on their wrinkled, spotted hands, clasped to each other’s on the kitchen table and clasped in prayer. I see their opened Bibles — on the kitchen table or the sofa table or their bedstand.

And I know that those prayers were powerful and effective, that those prayers offered in faith will make Luke well, and that the Lord will raise Luke up, because those prayers are still going before the Father, in the name of their Lord Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

And I thank God for Daddy and Mama. And I don’t miss them quite as much for now.

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  1. Beautiful! I love this one! They will see and hold Luke one day in heaven! I can’t wait for the reunion! So excited for our Lord’s return!

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