Up, up, up!

Look up! You’ll see His glory.

The heavens declare the glory of God . . . (Psalm 19:1a)

You’ll see it in the skies – the sun, the stars, the clouds, deep into the huge expanse reaching far beyond our sight.

It’s there. His glory!

You’ll hear these heavenly elements speak. Day and night, they are declaring, speaking. And as they speak, they teach us, revealing knowledge, making God known to us, reviving our souls. His voice is heard and He is made known in every corner of the earth, reaching every land, every tribe, every language. No place is hidden from His voice – from His glory. Whenever and wherever you see the skies, you see God’s glory.

It’s there. His glory!

Father, I look up because I want to see your glory. Open my eyes to every aspect of your creation that I see when I look up. Open my ears to hear your glory. Let me hear your Word speaking to me. Day or night. Light or dark. I join the heavens in praising you.

(Praying from Psalm 19:1-7; 89:5)

2 Replies to “Up, up, up!”

  1. This is undoubtedly the most challenging, troubling, fearful and consequential time of our lives. I look to the heavens every day for “answers”. I request guidance everyday-for my thoughts, words and deeds and most of all, for understanding, communication and compassion. I believe in and have faith in my fellow brothers and sisters-and pray that we all feel each others love and will do the right thing for each other. We are family after all.

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