Contemplating mid-August

I’m on my back porch, contemplating. What’s the best thing about living in the country on this mid-August morning?

Is it the beauty? The dew on the grass, the fence, the flowers. The haze in the shade of the maples.

Is it the presence of nature? The coo of the mourning dove, the flutter of her wings and the swoosh of her heavy body, resting gracefully on ground. The gnaw of the woodpecker contrasting the song of the cardinal. The hummingbird swooping past me, unaware of my humanity. The doe and her fawns enjoying the last bounty of beans from my garden. The locusts invoking upcoming autumn.

Or is it the serenity? Tranquillity. A lull in time. A brief moment of total peace, lacking care or anxiety. One that can only occur apart from man-made sounds, when the only voice heard is that of creation.

I’m contemplating and savoring the Word of God, open on my lap, and near me in my heart and mind.