I have put my hope in your word . . . (healing for the baby)

I’ve been praying – for a long time – for one of my baby grandsons. Praying for the manifestation of his healing.  You see, the healing has already taken place – at the whipping post of Jesus. He bore a stripe for my baby.

So, when I pray, I thank God it’s already been done – at Calvary. And I read all about  the healing Jesus brought to so many children. They’re recorded in the gospels – the good news, and I’m strengthened to know that He healed all, and that He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow – the same loving Jesus – the one who loves the children. He calls me “blessed” because I didn’t see him then, yet I believe. (John 20:29) Now I see!

Recently, my prayer has been, “Show me, Lord, what you would have me do for the baby – for his healing.” Today He answered.

“Daily Inspiration” devotions had accumulated in my email log. I opened and studied. Here’s what the Lord told me:

Day 1 – With foreign lips and strange tongues, I speak to people – this is the resting place, the place of repose. Find that place of refreshing rest, Kathi. Let the Holy Spirit speak to the Father in your behalf – for the baby. (Isaiah 28: 11,12)


Day 2 – Stay in my Word, Kathi! Remember, I told Martha that one thing is needed – to be with me and listen to me. (Luke 10:42) My Word is powerful. It brings health – to you – and to the baby. (Proverbs 4:22) Hearing the word is vital. It builds your faith. (Romans 10:17)

Day 3 – Nothing is too hard for me, your Sovereign Lord. I perform miraculous signs and wonders. My hand is mighty and my arm is outstretched – to you – to the baby. (Jeremiah 32:17)

Day 4 – Watch what I will do, Kathi. Nothing is impossible for me. (Luke 1:37)


Day 5 – I will restore a double portion of what the enemy has taken from your baby. Instead of disgrace, I give him an inheritance. I love justice. (Isaiah 61:7)

Day 6 – Stand on my promises! When you are discouraged, keep the Word in your heart, where no evil will touch you – or the baby.


I am blessed! Because I believe!


I am the Lord who heals you



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He is your Savior – and your healer!