Things I’ve learned in the last week . . .

Things I’ve learned in the last week or so.

~~ ~~ ~~

1) Perils arise, but God is still God.

He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

He loves,

   He cares,

      He comforts,

         and He heals.

~~ ~~ ~~

2) People care.

They pray;

   they bring food;

      they write notes;

         they send gifts;

            they call;

               they send money;

                  they give hugs.

Sometimes  I’m surprised to experience this care.

Then I realize again that I don’t know it all.

~~ ~~ ~~

3) Pain is real, no matter what.

Someone may think your problem is not that big, but it’s big to you!

So it’s big to God.

I’ve learned to recognize the intensity of other’s problems.

~~ ~~ ~~

4) Many people have much greater burdens than I do.

Some have the Lord to help them through;

    some don’t.

I want to be the hands and feet of Christ to both–my hands extended in love and in prayer and praise, my feet running to meet their needs.

~~ ~~ ~~

5) Being a mother is joyful.

It is also painful.

It involves entrusting your child (and grandchild) to the Lord God. At Christmas, I am reminded how a young, innocent, virgin mother began learning to do just that.

This Christmas, I am observing my beautiful daughter entrusting – day by day – moment by moment.

I am thankful for motherhood and nanahood and a God in whom I trust.

~~ ~~ ~~

6) Christmas is one of the saddest times to suffer and endure.

~~ ~~ ~~

7) Christmas is one of the greatest times to remember why I suffer and endure. And to remember who suffered and endured for me, in my place.

(Look for my upcoming posting: Things I’ve learned about Christmas . . .)

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  1. Kathi, I agree with you. Christmas to me is a sad time. When you work retail, It is all about money. Also, We would always meet at my in-laws open presents and call Cindy’s grandma and grandpa in Florida. One year we called and didn’t get an answer on Christmas Eve. We tried calling Christmas day and Grandma answered the phone. We asked to what grandpa was doing in the trailer park that day and her reply was, (Oh he’s around.) The day after Christmas she called back and said that he had died Christmas Eve. He made her promise not to tell and spoil everyones Christmas. I remember it like it was yesterday and it has been over 10 years ago. I will continue to read your blogs. You are truly a great friend. Merry Christmas to you and Ron.

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