Learning to Listen

     Each summer when I was young, I attended Vacation Bible School at the little country church around the corner from our big yellow house. There, I was encouraged to memorize Bible verses – perhaps the one “key” verse each day, which was the root of our daily lesson. But in addition,

I strove for the extra points and prizes that were offered to those children who memorized more verses. Each verse was worth one point, and, the more verses I learned, the better chance I had to win a plaque – or a Bible – or a Jacks game – or even a fishing pole! With that goal and purpose in mind, I memorized chapters throughout that week each summer. Little did I know that from those days forward, the verses would rise from deep in the hidden storage places of my memories, in the form of whispers, the Lord speaking the very Words He had dictated to the writers of the Scriptures, in turn becoming His personal messages to me.

            Now as I read the Bible – His Word – those whispers are always fresh and new, consistently pertinent to my needs, constantly stirring my soul, and faithfully leading me. The Psalms often become my prayer to Him, and He whispers them right back to me. The New Covenant speaks to me of the hope and promise I have in Him – all because of Jesus. He knows me. He loves me. He calls me by name. He communes with me.

            When trials and storms come into my life, His Word – those whispers – meet my deepest needs. I know His Word is spoken for me. And it speaks of truth, grace, faith, mercy, comfort, hope, and promise. In When Life Roars, Jesus Whispers, I break down the façade, which had covered me and had kept me from truly listening for many years.  Now, in this Bible Study, Shh! Listen to His Whispers!, you’ll discover how I learned to listen to His whispers in the most tumultuous times of my life and how you can hear them, as well. I’ll teach you where these storms come from and where you can seek shelter. Together, we’ll learn to recognize storm warnings, and we’ll discover how to speak life for ourselves, our friends, and our families standing in the paths of those storms. The summer Vacation Bible School days ended years ago, but I have since discovered the greatest goal and purpose, the real prize – communion with the one who loves me the most, my Heavenly Father.  And most often it’s found when I quiet myself and truly listen.

            He’s your Heavenly Father too. He knows you. He loves you. He calls you by name. And He wants to commune with you. That’s why He sent Jesus. Don’t face your storms alone. Join me. With God’s help, we’ll face these storms together.

Shh! Listen to His Whispers! is the new Bible Study that  complements When Life Roars, Jesus Whispers but stands alone as an individual or group six-week study.

Use it as a study for yourself; take all the time you need! Or make it your group study – with your neighborhood friends or with church family!

Message me with any questions! If you are local – Quincy, Michigan or Venice, Florida –  we’ll arrange pickup to save shipping costs.

In this Bible Study, you’ll learn how Kathi began to listen to the whispers in God’s Word, and how you can hear those whispers, as well. Learn where the storms of life come from and where  you can seek shelter. In your individual study – or together with others – you’ll learn to recognize storm warnings  and discover how to speak life for yourself, your friends, your families who stand in the paths of these storms.

You’ll love this sturdy, beautifully-covered book with heavy pages – perfect to write upon.

Shh! Listen to His Whispers!

8.5″ X 11″

71 pages

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