A grace welcomed

Saturday, April 7
The sun was shining through the trees this morning. I said to Ron, “Honey, look at the beautiful sunrise. ‘Even in darkness, light dawns for the upright.'” My heart was breaking, but I remembered God’s promises. We woke our children and dressed to go to Mama’s funeral. Comforting arms surrounded me from the moment I walked in the door of the funeral home and have surrounded me all day. Friends and family lavished their love on me and my family. It became the comfort of Christ to me. I saw and felt the hands of Christ all day as people ministered to us.
My heart breaks inside but God’s grace is sufficient for today, and I welcome that grace with open arms and heart. Our grandchildren (and grand niece) bounced around all day, laughing, dancing, and playing together. It was a constant reminder of Mom “living on” in our family through her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. When Ron and I drove in the funeral procession from Quincy to the cemetery, following the white hearse, which carried my Mama with flowers surrounding her, our back seats were filled with little grandchildren while “Curious George” played on the DVD!!! This had not been planned, but God used it to bring joy to my heart and to remind me that my life will go on and Mom’s life will go on within our family!
Thank you, friends, for your love, concern, and comfort.