And the morning of the third day . . .

Day 3 am – April 3, 2012

Friends – Thank you so much for your precious comments. (Yes, they are precious to me.) God uses you to minister to me. Thank you. This morning, I am reminded that His mercies are new every morning! I trust in that. Wow! I can really tell that you have prayed for me! And for Mom! She is comfortable most of the time. Larry and I spent the night here. I slept off and on in Mom’s chair in her room.

Yes, Gerrie, it is very close. Cindy, thank you for the reminder of God’s strength. Bill, Mom and Dad were married nearly 66 years! Candy, thank you for the verse from DeHaan’s writing. So true! Leslie – wonderful prayer for us. Kathy, beautiful comments. Ann, I know you understand, having been through this yourself. You don’t place a lot of comments on fb, but those comments you give me are so appreciated! Cousins Nancy and Dawn, Dave, Joyce, Holly, Abby, Janice, Sandy, Peggy, Bonnie, Sherry, Michelle, Kelly, Amy, Evelyn, Molly, Cathy, Debbie, Mandy, Dawn, Becky, Amy, Valerie, Heather, Stacey, Pam, Julie, Becky, Lori, Dece, Julie, Carol, Sandy, Dawn, Heather, Robbie, Sue – Wow! When I read your comments, concerns, and notes of love, I am uplifted! Bless you all.