Closer to the arms of Jesus

Day 2 – April 2, 2012


7 am. Watching my mama getting closer to the arms of Jesus. I’ve told her I think she and daddy will have a big yellow house together like the one they loved here for so many years.

Can you just imagine what it will be like?

I think when she steps through the door, she’ll see a large picture window overlooking a garden (like the Garden of Eden) filled with red poppies, birds and deer.

I think she’ll have that summer kitchen she wanted – with the cookstove (vintage green and creamy white).

I think the stairway will be open with a beautiful railing. 

And I think she’ll find Daddy sitting at the table. He won’t be reading his Bible as he was in his earthly big house because The Word Himself will be indwelling the entire space. But instead, Daddy will jump up and run to meet her at the door. They’ll hug and dance while the angels sing and rejoice – and then they’ll see their Savior and drop to their knees and raise their hands in praise. Suddenly they’ll recognize all who’ve gone before them who are in the presence of the Lord, and they’ll celebrate until we join them.


It’s so very obvious that God made us for eternity. This lifetime is way too short. I’m so thankful for eternal life.