More and More of You

I don’t really want to take time to write a posting today. I leave for Writer’s Conference in one week. I need to complete final revisions on my manuscript and write a dynamite proposal – both to present to publishers with whom I’ll be meeting. It’s exciting! I’m pumped!

But I DO want to share with you a few thoughts – I think you’ll understand and connect, as I suppose similar “obstructions” occur in your life, as well, interrupting your plans. Is it coincidental? I think not.

  1. I’ve finished my manuscript – am just making final revisions. App. 220 pp.; nearly 62,000 words. I’m remembering the many times I sat down to write, often after weeks of neglect or lack of time to write. I’m remembering the “obstructions” that occurred: a stabbing pain, an injury, fears, depression, writer’s block. Why? Is it coincidental? I think not.
  2. I’m “down to the wire” – a book proposal to complete before the Conference. It seems more overwhelming than most chapters did. “Obstructions”: inner ear dizziness and sickness, a pinched nerve (self diagnosed!), pain, standing instead of sitting, to write. Is it coincidental? I think not.

I think the enemy does not want my book completed – does not want my book published – does not want people to read about the awesome God who loves us; who extends grace, mercy, and comfort in the darkest of times; who favors us; and who fulfills His promises.

And so the fight continues and the Lord God wins. The healing comes and the book will be finished. The Father will be glorified. People will learn of His faithfulness.

Has it happened to you? I think so. When it does, let the fight continue. Our job is to trust in His promises.

Two separate vehicles – two separate days – two separate people (Ron and I) listening to one awesome song on the radio. We come together and share the words of that song with each other and realize that our Father is confirming His presence in our lives – through His Holy Spirit:

We have had enough of getting everything we want

We are weary of living this life just for us

Oh, forgive us all for seeking Your hand and not Your face

Come and empty us, Father, we are desperate in this place

Holy Spirit fill us with Your fire

Give us Your desires

Hold us close to You

Holy Spirit, give us revelation

Your healing visitation

Nothing else will do

We want more and more

And more and more of You.

Is it coincidental that you are reading this post? I think not. I’ll pray for you, my reader, as you continue your fight for His glory. Please pray for me. Click here to listen to this beautiful song, recorded by Selah.


Sun in hands

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  1. I know you are meant to finish this very important project. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for much guidance in all of your upcoming endeavors…GOD LOVES YOU KATHY…and so do I.

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